Corporate Counsel Strategies is a leading legal recruiting and solutions
services provider. Our company provides our clients with a cost effective means of obtaining legal counsel for their business.

We are an attorney owned and operated company dedicated to developing long term legal solutions and corporate counsel services for our customers. Our legal counsel have significant legal experience working as corporate counsel at leading corporations. By only utilizing attorneys who have extensive legal counsel experience, we believe we can provide our customers with effective corporate counsel services and solutions.

Why Choose Us?

● 24 Hour Response Time
● 365 Day Per Year Support Available
● Cost Effective Legal Solutions
● Dedicated Legal Support
● Experienced Corporate Attorneys
● Flexible Solution Without Commitments
● Grows With Your Business
● International Legal Capabilities
● Onsite Support Available
● Short or Long Term Solutions
● We Understand Your Requirements

How Much Will It Cost?

Corporate Counsel Strategies fees are structured to facilitate long term working relationships between our customers and their dedicated legal counsel. Most of our services are priced on a fixed fee basis which may be further discounted based on the size and duration of a project. We have solutions and payment plans available that will meet almost every corporation's budget.